Shakespeare Association of America
What are the SAA Annual Meetings?

Once a year, SAA members gather for a four-day conference. The conference program includes plenary sessions, paper sessions, seminars, workshops, performances, film screenings, digital exhibits, and other special events.

When do the SAA Annual Meetings take place?

The SAA Annual Meetings take place in March or April on a three-year rotation. The meeting opens on Wednesday and closes on Saturday. Please check the tab Annual Meetings above for this year’s dates.

Where do the SAA Annual Meetings take place?

Every year a hotel in a North American city is chosen as the conference hotel. Hotel capacity and facilities, room rates, transportation, and local attractions and support are important factors for the choice of hotels. SAA officers always welcome suggestions from the membership about meeting places. The next meeting will take place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Can I see programs of past SAA Annual Meetings?

Click to see past meeting programs.

How do I find out about the next SAA Annual Meeting?

Program schedules are posted on 1 January of the year, with the publication of the January Bulletin.

Who organizes the SAA Annual Meeting?

Each SAA Annual Meeting represents the collaborative efforts of a number of people across several years. After consulting with the Board of Trustees about meeting locations, the SAA’s Executive Director contracts with a host hotel. In each area there is a Local Arrangements Committee that raises funds to underwrite the year’s Opening Reception, arranges special events, and advises on other conference activities. The year’s panel sessions, seminars, and workshops are developed by a Program Committee, whose work is reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

Do I have to be a member to attend the SAA Annual Meetings?

SAA Annual Meetings are for registered members only.

Can I bring a guest?

Guests of registered members are welcome at all panel sessions, film screenings, and coffee breaks at no cost. Guest tickets to the Annual Luncheon and special evening events may be purchased during the conference registration process. Guests may attend the Opening Reception only when wearing official name tags, which can also be requested during the registration process.

How much does it cost to attend the SAA Annual Meetings?

The SAA works hard to make the Annual Meetings affordable. We offer discount rates for students, independent scholars, and contingent and retired faculty. Please check the tab Annual Meetings above for this year’s rates.

What does the registration fee cover?

Registrants can attend all academic sessions (panels, roundtables, seminars, workshops, and practicums), performances and screenings, special events, exhibits, and social events (the annual luncheon, the reception, and the Scholars of Color Social). You will need to pay for your drinks at events labeled as “cash bar.”

Does the SAA offer any travel grants?

Graduate students, contingent faculty, and independent scholars can apply for travel grants, which include travel support and registration fee waivers. Click for more information about Travel Grants.

How much do hotel rooms cost?

The SAA has successfully maintained a record of low hotel rates. Please click the Annual Meetings tab above for this year’s rates.

How do I book a hotel room?

Please use the conference hotel’s web-based reservation system to book your room with SAA discount rates. Hotel registration opens on 2 January.

How do I get on the program?

In the summer of 2021, you may enroll in a 2022 seminar or workshop. In the fall of 2021, you may propose to exhibit a 2022 digital humanities project. In the spring of 2022, you may propose a panel session, seminar, or workshop for the 2023. Open the tabs Paper Sessions, Seminars and Workshops, and Digital Exhibits below to find out more.

Can graduate students participate?

Only dissertation candidates are eligible to enroll in a seminar or workshop. Graduate students not verified can only audit seminars and workshops. Open the tab Seminars and Workshops below to find out how to get your status verified. Other Annual Meeting events are open to graduate students.