Shakespeare Association of America
What are the membership dues for graduate students?

Dues are graduated according to annual income. Click to see the rates of membership dues.

Do graduate students pay a lower registration fee for the Annual Meetings?

Yes, the registration fee for graduate students is $95 for the 2021 Annual Meeting. The fee for faculty and postdoctorates is $165.

Can graduate students speak at a paper session?

Graduate students working on a dissertation can present a paper at a panel session.

Can graduate student propose a paper session?

No, but graduate students working on a dissertation can join a panel session proposal organized by a postdoctoral faculty member or independent scholar.

Can graduate students enroll in a seminar or workshop?

Graduate students working on a dissertation can enroll in seminars and workshops. Please provide the name and e-mail of your dissertation advisor when enrolling, and the SAA office with contact your advisor for verification of your status.

Can graduate students propose a seminar or workshop?

No, leadership of a seminar or workshop is reserved for those who have achieved the Ph.D. and for independent scholars who have a substantial history of publication and professional activity.

Can graduate students participate at the Digital Exhibits?


What is the Graduate-Student Breakfast?

At each Annual Meeting, the SAA’s Board of Trustees hosts a breakfast for graduate students. This is a superb opportunity for you to meet SAA officers and your fellow graduate students.

How do I apply for the Graduate-Student Travel Grants?

Each year, the SAA awards travel grants to dissertation-candidate members. Awardees receive $400 in travel support and remission of the conference registration fee. Applicants must be SAA members in good standing, must take part in the meeting program (by speaking in a panel or enrolling in a seminar or workshop), and must attend the full conference. Students may not receive a travel award more than twice. Click for application details.

What is the J. Leeds Barrol Dissertation Prize?

The J. Leeds Barroll Dissertation Prize recognizes doctoral work with a significant Shakespeare component. Dissertations submitted for the 2021 prize must have been approved between 1 September 2019 and 1 September 2020. Applicants must be SAA members in good standing. Applications are comprised of three parts: an online application form, an anonymous cover, and twenty pages (maximum) from the introduction to the dissertation or from any chapter of the applicant’s choice. Click for application details.

Does the SAA have a list for relevant fellowships and faculty job openings?

Consult the Announcements for relevant fellowships and faculty job openings.