Shakespeare Association of America
Who can join the SAA?

The SAA is open to all Shakespeare scholars and to any other persons to whom the study of Shakespeare is important. Membership is reserved to those who have paid current dues to the Association and who observe SAA policies and guidelines.

Why do I want to join the SAA?

SAA members can attend the Annual Meetings, vote and be elected to serve, and enjoy other benefits. Click to find out about member benefits and member discounts.

How do I become a member?

Click the Join or Renew button on your left to become a member.

How much does it cost to join the SAA?

SAA membership dues are charged on an academic-year basis (1 June through 31 May) and graduated according to annual income. Click to see the dues rates and methods of payment.

Can I get a receipt for my dues payment?

Absolutely. Please contact the SAA office.

Why am I getting an error message when I click on the Join or Renew button?

The Membership form is only for new or expired members. If your membership is current, you will be denied access. Please use the Member Log In button to check if your membership is current.

What can I do at the Members Only Section?

You can update your profile, upload a profile photo, register for Annual Meetings, enroll for seminars and workshops, apply for grants and fellowships, submit program proposals, browse or search the membership directory, and access member discounts.

How do I get to the members only section?

Click the Member Log In button on the left to log in to the members only section.

How do I submit information about my publications?

If you have published work that was developed in an SAA seminar or workshop, please complete the Member Publications Form and e-mail it to the SAA office.

What do I do if I forget my password?

The SAA website will send a password link to your e-mail address if you click on the Forgot Password button. The link will include instructions to establish a new password. You may also contact the SAA office to reset your password.

How do I know if I am a member in good standing?

Your membership status may be confirmed online by logging in on the SAA website.

How do I get to know other SAA members?

Once logged in, you can browse and search the SAA Membership Directory.

I paid my membership dues in February, why do they expired in June?

SAA membership runs on an academic calendar, with each new membership year commencing in June. Those who pay dues in February in order to attend an Annual Meeting in March or April will need to renew their membership in June if they wish to enroll in the next year’s seminars or workshops.

How do I renew my SAA membership?

Please click the Join or Renew button on the left to renew your membership.