Shakespeare Association of America

Academic Integrity

The Shakespeare Association of America thrives on the circulation of new and emerging ideas. The special atmosphere of its annual conference derives in part from its distinctive ways of bringing scholars of all ranks and many kinds of affiliation together for a free exchange of ideas. Unusual openness requires a high degree of academic trust. Given the circulation of work-in-progress that the conference fosters, it is important for all members to follow established citation and copyright guidelines in handling the intellectual property of others, including all abstracts, papers, and talks presented at the SAA.

Always obtain permission before citing unpublished work heard or read at the conference.

Never recirculate another’s work in your own scholarship or teaching without the author’s permission.

Treat seminar abstracts in the same way as papers read or circulated.

Follow the SAA’s Social Media Guidelines for digital distribution, in real time or in retrospect, of the content of panels or seminars.

Approved 26 December 2015