Exhibitors in Vancouver, 2015 

Data Mining Early Modern Drama

Mark Bayer (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Play the Knave: A Shakespeare Performance Videogame

Gina Bloom (University of California, Davis) Sawyer Kemp (University of California, Davis)

My Hermaphrodite Text: Mediated Form and Sexual Exception in Margaret Cavendish

Jen E. Boyle (Coastal Carolina University)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Webapp

Kurt Daw (San Francisco, CA)

Early Modern London Theatres (EMLoT)

Tanya Hagen (Records of Early English Drama)

Bibliography of Editions of Early English Drama (BEEED)

Brett D Hirsch (University of Western Australia)

Digital Renaissance Editions

Brett D Hirsch (University of Western Australia) Sarah Neville (Ohio State University)

#shakespeare2020: An Online Tutorial Suite for Undergraduates

Peter Latka (University of Toronto)

Digital Bankside and Southwark

Sally-Beth MacLean (University of Toronto)

Multicultural Shakespeare British Black and Asian Shakespeare Performance Database

Jami Rogers (University of Warwick)

Virtual Roaming onto an Early Modern Stage

Kyle Stooshnov (University of British Columbia)

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon: Reassembling the Early Modern Social Network

Christopher Warren (Carnegie Mellon University) Daniel Shore (Georgetown University)