SAA Innovative Article Award

This award recognizes an outstanding scholarly article that leads the field of Shakespeare studies in new directions through creative and innovative scholarly approaches and methods. Eligible articles must be published in an online or print journal or anthology during the calendar year two years before the SAA meeting at which the award is presented, i.e. the prize in 2025 would be awarded to an article appearing in 2023. Article author(s) must be SAA member(s) in good standing.

SAA members, including the Trustees and members of the selection committee, may nominate their own work or that of others, with the stipulation that an author may nominate no more than one work of their own and that editors of journals or collections may nominate no more than one article per volume. Nominators must complete a nomination form and submit the article to SAA.

Click here to apply. (forthcoming October 2024)

Deadline: 1 December 2024