Give to the SAA

PayPal QR CodeDear SAA Colleagues and Friends,

I write to make a critical appeal for your financial support, at whatever level, to sustain a strong, vital, and flourishing association. The organization’s needs too often remain invisible, and I wish to underscore the importance of financial awareness and giving to our culture. I encourage 100%- member participation in this fundraising effort to secure a healthy financial future for our beloved organization.

For many of us, the SAA has been our intellectual and professional home with a reputation for fostering cutting-edge research that tells a brand-defining story. The annual conference, boasting an innovative mix of events, features seminars that consist of a rewarding months-long exchange of work that contributes toward scholarly publication. Multiple prizes as well as support for Folger and Huntington Fellowships are part of our community of recognition and excellence. The association has made substantive steps in the evolution of leadership that reflects our cultural richness and forward-looking stance.

Sustaining the SAA’s operation, however, requires your financial input. We have endeavored to maintain low registration fees to make conference attendance affordable to as many persons as possible. Increasing external costs over which we have no control continue to put pressure on our annual bottom line. These have created mounting budgetary shortfalls related to the annual conference that we need to address. We continue to pursue initiatives that broaden and enhance member experience and participation, but financial restrictions weigh heavily on what we can venture and afford. Overall, the post-pandemic effects have only aggravated an already difficult financial circumstance. And as we look ahead, increasing spending cuts in the humanities will expose us to further financial risks.

I ask, therefore, that you continue to support the SAA with a personally meaningful gift. You may make your tax-deductible donations at Achieving our goal of 100%-member participation will reinforce a culture of philanthropy and help secure our long-term wellbeing.

With deep appreciation,

Ian Smith
President, 2023-24