Planned Gift

Why make a planned gift?

For many senior scholars, their relationship with SAA goes back for many years, and it has played a significant role in shaping their careers, engaging them as the field has been transformed, opening doors for their students, and helping to forge new connections. They now have an opportunity to recognize that debt and to help ensure SAA’s future by committing a gift to SAA in their estate planning or through a donation from their retirement funds.

There are multiple ways that you can contribute to SAA by planning a future gift, while maintaining financial control of your assets during your life.

Can I designate how my gift would be used?

Future gifts, through a bequest or as a beneficiary, as well as current gifts, could be used in a variety of ways, but preferably they should be made without restrictions. This approach allows SAA to meet unanticipated needs and to ensure its health for long into the future.

We ask that you consult with SAA leadership in advance of making a gift for a specific purpose; funding for any specific initiatives will have to be approved by the Board of Trustees.

How can I make a gift from my retirement funds now?

Making charitable donations directly from your retirement accounts is an effective way to support the organization’s mission while also saving on taxes while you are alive. By making a direct donation, you can support the SAA without having to count the distribution as taxable income. This process, known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), allows retired members starting at age 70 ½ to donate up to $100,000 per year from their IRA to a qualified charity such as SAA. Not only does this save on taxes, but it also fulfills the required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year, which is typically required for those over the age of 72. It would be wise to consult with your tax adviser to ensure your tax status on the contribution.

How can I make a planned gift to come to SAA after my death?

Through a bequest in your will:

You have the option of making a gift to the association through a bequest of a portion of your estate. To make a bequest, you would need to add a line to your will that states: “I bequeath to the Shakespeare Association of America, [adding full information including tax ID ]- the sum of [amount] to be used for general charitable purposes [or a more specific direction of the funds if approved].” You can also designate the gift to be a percentage of your estate rather than an exact sum. You should consult with your attorney to ensure the will is properly drafted according to your wishes

As a beneficiary on a financial account, a managed retirement account, or insurance policy:

To designate SAA as a beneficiary on a financial account, your financial institution will provide a beneficiary form. You will need to designate the percentage or dollar amount of the fund you would like to assign to SAA, if there are other beneficiaries.

To designate SAA as a beneficiary of a managed retirement fund, contact the plan’s administrator, custodian, trustee, or investment manager. The administrator will know if there were any restrictions which protect a spouse, or which could require the spouse’s signature also. The plan administrator will provide the proper forms for completion.

To designate SAA as a beneficiary on a financial account, your insurance agent will also typically provide a beneficiary form.

To designate SAA as beneficiary, please use the following information:

Shakespeare Association of America
Department of English
University of Mississippi
C-128 Bondurant Hall
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677-1848
[Tax ID 57-6057362]

How do I let SAA know about my intentions?

Once you have decided what you would like to do, the SAA would be grateful if you would inform the office of your intent. We invite you to use this form. These commitments are not binding.

May I talk to someone at SAA about planned giving?

Please contact the SAA office at [email protected], and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. We are there to help!