Travel and Dependent Care Grants

Each year, the SAA awards conference travel grants. Eligibility for these grants is restricted to contingent faculty and independent scholars, retirees, and graduate students at the dissertation stage. Awardees receive travel support of $500 and remission of the conference registration fee. 

Beginning with applications for the 2023 conference, the SAA also offers dependent care grants. Applicants with caregiving responsibilities may request to be considered for additional grant funds to subsidize the cost of care during conference travel (e.g., special arrangements for child or eldercare whether at the conference venue, at home, or elsewhere, additional airfare or accommodation for dependents or caregivers). Awardees may receive up to $500 of additional support.

Applicants must be SAA members in good standing; must play a role in the meeting program (by speaking in a panel, leading a seminar or workshop, or enrolling in a seminar or workshop); and participate fully in the conference. Students cannot receive the grants more than twice.

Applicants should submit the following:

  • A brief curriculum vitae (no more than two pages).
  • A letter, not to exceed 400 words, describing the conference role the applicant will undertake and the circumstances that require grant support. The letter should also indicate whether the applicant wishes to be considered for an additional dependent care grant and at what level of support.
Click here to apply. (forthcoming October 2024)

Deadline: 1 November 2024