SAA Archive Overview

The Archives section of the SAA website serves as a living record of the Association and provides members and visitors with important materials from past meetings.

Our archives are regularly updated by SAA staff, who post SAA bulletins, meeting programs, presidential addresses delivered at the Annual Luncheons, seminar abstracts, and the names of award winners.

But we also rely on SAA members to assist us in building these archives. We seek information about scholarly publications that are derived from work first presented in SAA seminars, workshops, roundtables, and panels. As stated by President Russ McDonald during the 39th Annual Meeting, it is “vital that we undertake to record and make known the abundance, the excellence, and the availability of our members’ productions.”

We also welcome individual memoirs and other conference ephemera. The SAA’s founder, Leeds Barroll, and early executive director, Ann Jennalie Cook, have already contributed their histories of the organization’s early years.