Digital Exhibits

portrait of Shakespeare superimposed on a background of binary code. Below Shakespeare’s face are the SAA logo and the words “Digital Exhibits”Each year, the Shakespeare Association of America Digital Exhibit hosts a variety of digital projects created by its members. The exhibit is intended to expand the reach of digital projects and inform the larger SAA membership about the important contributions such projects offer to Shakespeare and early modern studies. The Digital Strategies Committee is seeking projects for the Digital Exhibits at the SAA annual meetings that use digital resources and/or integrate digital technologies into scholarship, pedagogy, or public outreach (examples of past projects featured in the Digital Exhibit can be found here). Digital projects can engage with any of the following:

  • Aspects of the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras
  • Early modern drama in performance
  • Early modern drama, poetry, and/or prose in print or translation
  • Creative appropriations of early modern drama

We encourage projects using various methodological approaches, including text analytics; smartphone and tablet apps; digital archives; performance aids and enhancements; pedagogical tools and applications; storytelling; games and gamification; ebooks; or website development.

Proposing a Digital Project

Any SAA member in good standing may propose a project for the Digital Exhibit, though priority is given to first-time exhibitors. All presenters in the Digital Exhibit must register for the Annual Meeting. 

Proposals for the Digital Exhibit should include the following information and be submitted online through the SAA Members Portal:

  • Names of all proposed exhibitors (with affiliations as applicable) and email addresses.
  • A project title.
  • An abstract for the project and its stakes (max. 375 characters, incl. spaces).
  • A full description for the project (max. 2,500 characters, incl. spaces) addressing the following:
    • The project’s potential impact on scholarship, pedagogy, and/or public outreach related to Shakespeare and early modern studies (what are you hoping fellow SAA members will take away from your exhibit?).
    • How participating in the Digital Exhibit will benefit your project (what are you hoping to get out of the experience?).
    • The extent to which the project develops or uses digital tools or methods in groundbreaking ways.
    • (For previous SAA Digital Exhibitors) The ways the project has developed since its previous showcase and the reasons for exhibiting it again.
  • Optional: A URL for the project and/or a video explaining or demonstrating it.

The SAA will supply each exhibit with power, Internet access, and a large video monitor. Please note that a laptop is not included. Any additional equipment will be the exhibitor’s responsibility or can be ordered at the exhibitor’s expense. 

Click here to apply. (forthcoming in fall 2024)

Deadline: 1 November 2024.