SAA Shakespeare Publics Award

This award recognizes pioneering and/or culturally significant efforts to foster, engage, support and sustain broad and diverse Shakespeare publics through teaching, scholarship, performance and/or activism.

SAA members may apply directly or nominate other members of the Association. In the case of collaborative projects, at least one of the primary collaborators must be a SAA member in good standing.

Applications are comprised of three parts:

  • An online form.
  • A description of the project (maximum 500 words) that includes discussion of its objectives, its significance, and the diverse publics it has engaged.
  • Documentation that demonstrates the importance, impact, and reach of the nominated project in terms best suited to its domain.

Selection shall be made by an ad hoc committee of three, whose chair is chosen annually by the Trustees of the SAA.

This year’s committee consists of Peter Kirwan (Mary Baldwin University, chair), Amrita Dhar (Ohio State University), and Sharon O’Dair (University of Alabama). Enquiries about the award can be addressed to the chair at [email protected].

Click here to apply. (forthcoming October 2024)

Deadline: 1 December 2024