Shakespeare Association of America

Advocacy and Statements

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision on the administration’s Executive Order concerning travel, the SAA reaffirms its statement on inclusion and mutual respect as expressed below. We remind our members that we continue to share the sentiments expressed in President Heather James’s February 2017 letter to the membership on this topic.

The SAA joins sister ACLS organizations in signing a statement on the proposed program cuts at the University of Wisconsin, Steven Points.

The SAA joins sister ACLS organizations in opposing US Congress proposal to tax tuition waivers, 28 November 2017.

The SAA was founded on principles of inclusion, open exchange, and mutual respect. Its pioneering seminar system welcomes scholars from all locations and of all professional standings to meet around its seminar tables. We value the international diversity of our membership and condemn any policy or directive that impedes the movement of scholars into and out of the United States. Click for more.