What are SAA seminars and workshops?

SAA seminars and workshops serve as forums for fresh research, mutual criticism, and pedagogical experimentation. The seminar or workshop leaders determine the extent and nature of work to be done, and papers are circulated in advance. Seminar and workshop meetings are devoted to a discussion. The sessions are not to involve either reading or summarizing papers. Click the Annual Meeting tab above to find the page of current seminars and workshops.

How do the SAA seminars and workshops work?

Seminar and workshop descriptions are posted online and in the June Bulletin. Enrollment opens on 1 June and closes on 15 September. When enrolling, you are required to enter four choices, and placement is on a first-come, first-served basis. Placement notifications are issued in early October, and by late October you will receive guidelines, directions, and deadlines for work to be completed in advance of the conference. Click to read the Guidelines for SAA Seminars and Workshops.

How big is a seminar or workshop?

To ensure quality discussion, the enrollment of a seminar or workshop caps at sixteen. For the most popular seminars and workshops, the leaders may run two sessions of sixteen participants each.

Can graduate students participate in a seminar or workshop?

Pre-dissertation graduate students are welcome to audit, but only graduate students working on their dissertation are eligible to enroll. When enrolling, you will need to provide your advisor’s name and e-mail. The SAA office will contact your advisor to verify your status.

I am presenting a paper in a panel session, can I also enroll in a seminar or workshop?

Session presenters are not allowed to enroll in seminars or workshops.

I am leading a seminar/workshop, can I enroll in a different seminar or workshop?

Seminar and workshop leaders cannot enroll in other seminars or workshops.

I am leading a seminar/workshop, do I need to enroll in my own seminar/workshop?

If you are leading a seminar/workshop, you do not need to enroll.

I am invited to join a seminar/workshop, do I need to enroll?

Each seminar or workshop leader can reserve four spots. If you are an invitee, you do not need to submit the online enrollment form. If you have already made different choices before you receive an invitation, the SAA will contact you to find out your preference.

Can I change my mind after enrollment?

The online enrollment form can only be submitted once. If you change your mind before 15 September, you need to contact the SAA office. Please note that, because placement is on a first-come, first-served basis, any modification of your choices will entail the loss of your original place in the queue.

What if I missed the enrollment deadline?

Most seminars and workshops fill up before 15 September. If you miss the deadline, you may contact the SAA office to see if any seminars or workshops are still available.

Can I switch after I receive my seminar/workshop placement?

After 15 September, the SAA has a no-switch policy.

What do I do when circumstances prevent me from completing assigned work?

Only those who have completed their work in a timely manner will be listed in the printed program. If you cannot make the deadlines, you can only audit.

Can I participate in a seminar or workshop remotely, over Skype, Zoom, or other video or audio conferencing tools?

In order to keep the conference’s character intact, it is the SAA’s policy to not permit remote participation. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, this policy has been suspended for the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Can I propose a seminar or workshop?

Postdoctoral members can propose to lead seminars and workshops. The deadline to apply for the 2022 Annual Meeting is 15 February 2021.

How can I lead a successful seminar or workshop?

Seminars and workshops should open a number of pathways into a subject, recognizing that the seminar and workshop meeting is an occasion for focused but open discussion of written work completed in advance. Advance work may involve readings, online discussions, shared syllabi, performances, and pedagogical exercises, as well as research papers. For descriptions of seminars and workshops from previous years, consult any June Bulletin. For assistance in crafting a competitive proposal, consult any member of the Program Committee. Click to consult advice from the SAA office and from previous seminar and workshop leaders.

Can I participate in seminars and workshops I am not enrolled in?

When space allows, seminars and workshops are open to auditors. You may browse the descriptions of sessions and the seminar abstracts to decide which sessions you want to audit.