2023 First Book Award Interview Series


Michelle Dowd (University of Alabama), Chair of the Inaugural SAA First Book Award Committee


Urvashi Chakravarty (University of Toronto)

Fictions of Consent: Slavery, Servitude, and Free Service in Early Modern England
(University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022)

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Honorable Mention

Ben David Robert Higgins (University of Oxford)

Shakespeare’s Syndicate: The First Folio, Its Publishers, and the Early Modern Book Trade
(Oxford University Press, 2022)

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Ari Friedlander (University of Mississippi)

Rogue Sexuality in Early Modern English Literature: Desire, Status, Biopolitics
(Oxford University Press, 2022)

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Benjamin Parris (University of Pittsburgh)

Vital Strife: Sleep, Insomnia, and the Early Modern Ethics of Care (Cornell University Press, 2022)

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