Shakespeare Association of America

Upcoming Conferences and Other Events

  • 11th World Shakespeare Congress, Singapore: Shakespeare Circuits will be held online from Singapore on 18-24 July 2021. The program includes keynote speeches by Dennis Kennedy, Ong Keng Sen, Preti Taneja, and Tang Shu-wing, and conversations with directors Wu Hsing-kuo, Annette Leday, Nelson Chia, and Yang Jung-Ung. Register to attend the Online Asian Shakespeare Festival featuring full-length performance videos and curated watch parties. Fee waivers are available by application. Click here for more information.

  • The European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA) will hold its conference, “‘The Art Itself Is Nature’: Shakespeare’s Nature | Art | Politics” online on 3-6 June 2021. Visit the conference website for detail.
  • Invitation to the Shakespeare Beyond Borders Alliance Free Online Launch Event! The Shakespeare Institute is hosting a free online global event between 9-11 June 2021 to celebrate a new initiative. Join us to co-create a Shakespeare network without limits! See the programme and register here.